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These live, virtual experiences go deeper on topics that matter to you - from ways to build strong sibling relationships to the science behind timeouts - Learn from an expert and get all your questions answered.

Upcoming Live Workshops and Events

Assembly Image Starting Solids with Little Spoon.png
Assembly Guest Headshots Chloe and Little Spoon Michelle.png
Chloe & Michelle

How to Navigate Food Choice and Child Behavior for Starting Solids

Feb 26 - 12:00 PM EST

Free for members
Blog Images New Mom Group (2).png
Dr. Chloe Massey

Mindful Discipline and Limit Setting

Feb 26 - 8:00 PM EST

Free for members


Recorded Workshops and Events

Assembly Image Pediatrician.png
Whitney Casares Headshot.png

Dr. Whitney Casares

No Question Too Small: Ask a Pediatrician Anything

Assembly Image Achievement Parenting.png
Assembly Guest Headshots Richard Weissbourd.png

Richard Weissbourd

Resilience Over Resumes: Your Guide to Dropping Achievement Parenting

Assembly Image Routines.png
Assembly Guest Headshots Mariel ByHeart.png

Cooper & ByHeart

The Importance of Routines for New Parents & Babies

Assembly Image Challenges Emerge.png
Assembly Guest Headshots Chloe and Kate.png

Chloe & Kate

Supporting Your Child as Social & Academic Challenges Emerge

Managing Behavior
Cognitive Development
Assembly Image second baby.png

Cooper Team

A Workshop for Growing Families: Excitement, Anticipation and Loss

Assembly Image Parenting Stress Head to Toe.png
Assembly Guest Headshots Chloe Nutrafol.png

Chloe Massey & Nutrafol

Parenting Stress from Head to Toe

Assembly Image Data Driven.png
Assembly Guest Headshots Emily Oster.png

Emily Oster

Data-Driven Parenting: Making Sense of Research for Choices that Fit Your Family

Assembly Image Eve Rodsky.png
Assembly Guest Headshots Eve Rodsky.png

Eve Rodsky

Getting Creative About Gender Roles: What Are You Modeling?

Assembly Image Preparing to Parent (1).png
Assembly Guest Headshots summer 365 (1).png

Mariel & Benjamin Talks

Financial Literacy: What Your Family Needs To Know & Why

Cognitive Development
Starting Solids.png
Screenshot 2023-08-09 113757.png

Cooper Nara Little Spoon

Starting Solids and Establishing Good Mealtime Habits from the Start

Assembly Image Technology.png
Assembly Guest Headshots Mariel and Erin (1).png

Mariel & Erin

Strategies for Safe Tech Use & Screen Time

Managing Behavior
Assembly Image Motherhood and Race (1).png
Assembly Guest Headshots Nefertiti Austin.png

Nefertiti Austin

Motherhood, Identity & Race

Assembly Image camp.png
Assembly Guest Headshots summer 365.png

Mariel & Summer 365

Preparing for Camp: Lessons for 1st Time Campers and 1st Time Parents!

Big Feelings
Assembly Image ADHD.png
Assembly Guest Headshots.png

The Childhood Collective

Helping Children with ADHD at School

Managing Behavior
Assembly Image PreK Effects on Child Development.png
Meghan McCormick Headshot.jpg

Meghan McCormick

The Long Term Effects of Pre-K on Child Development

Cognitive Development
image (5).png

Jamie Howard, PhD

Building Children's Resilience

Big Feelings
Assembly Image Self Care and Holiday.png
Whitney Casares Headshot.png

Dr. Whitney Casares

Self Care and Holiday Stress

Assembly Image Tantrum.png

Michelle Tangeman

Self Regulation and Temper Tantrums

Managing Behavior
Big Feelings
Assembly Image Advanced Parenting.png
Assembly Guest Headshots Kelly Fradin.png

Dr. Kelly Fradin

Advanced Parenting: Helping Kids Through Diagnoses, Differences, and Mental Health Challenges

Assembly Image Loneliness.png
Assembly Guest Headshots Mariel and Erin Nara.png

Mariel, Erin, & Nara

Where's My Village? Strategies for Easing Parental Loneliness, Guilt and Stress

Assembly Image Evidence Based Parenting.png

Dr. Cara Goodwin

What can you learn from parenting research without adding even more to your plate?

Assembly Image Evidence Based Parenting (2).png
Assembly Guest Headshots Mariel and Erin Nara (1).png

Amanda & Olivier

Finding Your Village & Navigating Life with a Child with a Disability

Assembly Image Rose and Rex.png
Lauren Vien Headshot.jpg

Lauren Vien

Positive Language Strategies for Challenging Moments

Big Feelings
Managing Behavior
Assembly Image Picky Eating.png
Assembly Guest Headshots Charlotte Cho.png

Charlotte Cho

"Ewww, Yuck, and No!!” Understanding and Managing Picky Eating

Managing Behavior
Assembly Image Preparing for Pregnancy.png
Assembly Guest Headshots Hatch Soko Glam Oula.png

HATCH, Soko Glam & Oula

Preparing for Pregnancy: Expert Insights on Pregnancy, Parenting, and Beauty

Assembly Image Shift in Identity Post Baby.png
Assembly Guest Headshots Mariel and Erin (1).png

Mariel & Erin

The Shift in Identity Post-Baby

Assembly Image Preparing for Postpartum.png
Assembly Guest Headshots Chiyo Doula Viva.png

Chiyo & Doula Viva

Preparing for Postpartum

Assembly Image Sensory Milestones.png
Assembly Guest Headshots Allie Ticktin Nara.png

Dr. Ticktin & Nara

Sensory Milestones: What Really Matters

Cognitive Development
Assembly Image jessica grose.png

Jessica Grose

Screaming on the Inside: Unfiltered Parenting

Assembly Image Summer Camp 2.png
Assembly Guest Headshots summer 365.png

Mariel & Summer 365

Summer Camp Sprint: Communication, Homesickness, and Friendships

Big Feelings
Assembly Image Hidden Life of Boys.png
Assembly Guest Headshots Niobe Way.png

Dr. Niobe Way

Boys' Emotions & The Crisis of Connection: Its Roots, Consequences, and Solutions

Big Feelings
Assembly Image Evidence Based Parenting (1).png
Jeanne Donaldson.jpg

Dr. Jeanne Donaldson

The Truth About Time Outs

Managing Behavior
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